Kemble Community Garden

Kemble Community Garden

The KCG is an area of woodland, scrub, orchard, open grass areas, allotments and with a wildlife pond, which can be found at the end of at the end of Old Manor Gardens in Kemble. It is leased from the Cotswold District Council by Kemble and Ewen Parish Council. The KCG Committee manages the site. The Committee first met on the 2nd of February 2008. The people on that committee are the one’s responsible for the creation of the KCG and for the current area of allotments. This was an allotment area in 1900 and remained so until the 1980’s when it was left to re-wild.

The parish council with the committee applied for the KCG to become a Green Space and was successful. It is a Local Green Space in the current CDC Local Plan.

The KCG has three main roles:

  1. Too provide an area of allotments for the Parish which are cultivated using organic principals,
  2. A conservation area. There is a colony of slow worms on the site.
  3. To provide a quit green space for people to walk and sit.

Chair Report 2023:

KCG Chair's report for 2023


Minutes of the latest Kemble Community Garden meeting:

KCG minutes 12.09.23