Litter Pick

The next village litter pick will take place on Saturday 15 January. Meet at The Tavern at 10:30am for an 11am start. It should take about an hour. Refreshments available in The Tavern afterwards.

Community Grant Scheme 2021-22


Community Grant Scheme

Each year, Kemble and Ewen Parish Council gives small grants to local groups and organisations that provide a service or social benefit to people living in Kemble, Kemble Wick, and Ewen.

This year a total fund of up to £700 is available.

Depending on the submissions, the parish council may divide this between several groups, or give it all to just one group.

Organisations are invited to apply for some (or all) of this money.  Application forms are available here

The deadline for completed applications is Friday 5 November 2021

Please note that any applications received after this date cannot be considered.


Proposed Solar Farm – Archaeologist trench evaluations

Aura Power have asked KEPC to make residents aware of the following:


‘We have a team of archeologists starting trial trench evaluations on the proposed solar site this week and are expected to last around 4-6 weeks. The findings of which will feed into the determination of the planning application.

The works will consist of a small team and one machine digging a series of trenches across the site which will be examined for archeological evidence. We do not anticipate any disruption to the village or surrounding neighbours.’


Proposed Waiting Restrictions in Kemble

At the Parish Council meeting of August 23, 2021 it was resolved that the Parish Council would seek to delay the implementation and ask GCC to consider a phased approach. If this were not possible it would request that GCC revert to the drawings provided January 2021 with the omission of Old Manor Gardens and Clayfurlong Grove.

Following the meeting, GCC were contacted regarding the above but advised that they were unable to delay having already arranged an advertisement in the local newspaper for 26th August and would be going forward with the Public Consultation. As such, you may now have seen the details advertised by GCC.

A copy of the 2017 Order, the draft Variation Order and the consultation plans together with a copy of the Statement of Reasons, may be viewed at or . Reference CB73299.

Any objections or representations in respect of the above should be sent in writing addressed to the Assistant Director of Legal Services, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2TG or emailed to (please quote reference CB73299) no later than the 17th September 2021.

Any comments that you make concerning this proposal cannot be treated as confidential. For further details about how GCC deal with your comments and personal details can be found at


Kemble & Ewen Parish Council

26 August 2021

Ash Die Back – Road Closures Nov 2021 – March 2022

The below details have been received from GCC Highways Department:

Blanket Closure Order Q2 – COTSWOLDS Ash tree Felling (removal of infected trees)

From 1st November  2021 to 31st March 2021 the following roads will be subject to temporary traffic orders as per the details listed below. Advanced Warning of dates to be displayed by signs on site. Restricted Days 09:30 – 15:30

Road Name Closure Extent (From) Closure Extent (To) Parish Closure Length (m)
A433 Tetbury Road Junction A429 Kemble Road Junction C/185 Trewsbury Road Coates 1.350 KM
A429 Kemble Road Junction A433 Tetbury Road Junction A429 Malmesbury Road Cirencester /Kemble 3.700 KM
A429 Malmesbury Road Junction A429 Kemble Road County Boundary Kemble 1.900 KM

Youth Worker Roles – Paid & Unpaid

Please see the below advert passed on by Cotswold District Council – Community Well-being

Prospects Youth Services are advertising for Youth Worker Roles to enable them to provide more services in our district, which is great for our children and young people and something that has been needed for many years since many of the local youth clubs, etc, closed.

See attached file for further information.

YST Job Roles available

Community Grant support Kemble & Ewen WI

Kemble & Ewen WI recieved a community grant from Kemble & Ewen Parish Council and put it to good use advancing the education of women of all ages. This year that included getting some of the more older members more tech savvy and online so they could have virtual meet ups during Covid times and maintain contact with their village community.

In February they manged to get all their members linked up by Zoom for a Valentines Day afternoon tea to kick off their year. Not a small undertaking for one or two of their more elderly members.  “I’m not sure where you all are but I’m having a lovely time!” said Doris, aged 100 from her bed at home in Ewen.

11 members undertook a Zoom bookbinding course with the grant helping to provide participants with the kit to create lovely notebooks.

The WI has had it’s first face to face (or should that be mask to mask!) meeting and have enrolled 3 new members. They have a number of activates and speakers lined up and are keen to hear from anyone interested in joining. Should you like further information please speak to Kelsie Hall or Pat Ayres – contact details can be obtained from the Parish Clerk on request.