Youth Worker Roles – Paid & Unpaid

Please see the below advert passed on by Cotswold District Council – Community Well-being

Prospects Youth Services are advertising for Youth Worker Roles to enable them to provide more services in our district, which is great for our children and young people and something that has been needed for many years since many of the local youth clubs, etc, closed.

See attached file for further information.

YST Job Roles available

Community Grant support Kemble & Ewen WI

Kemble & Ewen WI recieved a community grant from Kemble & Ewen Parish Council and put it to good use advancing the education of women of all ages. This year that included getting some of the more older members more tech savvy and online so they could have virtual meet ups during Covid times and maintain contact with their village community.

In February they manged to get all their members linked up by Zoom for a Valentines Day afternoon tea to kick off their year. Not a small undertaking for one or two of their more elderly members.  “I’m not sure where you all are but I’m having a lovely time!” said Doris, aged 100 from her bed at home in Ewen.

11 members undertook a Zoom bookbinding course with the grant helping to provide participants with the kit to create lovely notebooks.

The WI has had it’s first face to face (or should that be mask to mask!) meeting and have enrolled 3 new members. They have a number of activates and speakers lined up and are keen to hear from anyone interested in joining. Should you like further information please speak to Kelsie Hall or Pat Ayres – contact details can be obtained from the Parish Clerk on request.

Cirencester Light Railway

Following the presentation made by Richard Gunner at the Annual Parish Meeting please find attached a full length presentation with further details regarding the project. This link will take you to a recording of a presentation on You Tube.

Playground Open

Following the Parish Council meeting of 26 March 2021, where clarification was received from the playground inspection company that the play area does not need to be currently closed, the Parish Council is pleased to confirm that all play facilities at Windmill Road are now open for use.

Parents are reminded that children should be supervised at all times whilst using the facilities.